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You are a fine arts graduate or a dropout, Prolurn will help you in becoming outstanding Graphic Designer.  Just login to, or any job portal, and search for Graphic, there are always plenty of job openings found for Graphic Designers. Today many of the graphic designers are working as freelancers for Indian and foreign clients.

Prolurn's 3 Months Professional Graphic Desing Course will train you to become a Job Ready Designer. We are saying this confidently because of our 20+ years experience in the field. 

This will not teach you like your local institute, this will teach you what is exactly required to become a successful designer. It will teach you to produce 100s of design options in a week, be it creative t-shirt designs, cool visiting/business cards, posters, brochures and more. If the experienced designers take 4 hours for something prolurn will teach you how complete much better job in 1 hour. Just start today, the price for joining will be double in a few days.

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Graphics Design Course

3 Months,  (40 Hrs Videos+Project)

• Adobe Photoshop CC - 18 Hrs
• Adobe Illustrator CC - 5 Hrs
• Adobe Indesign CC-3 Hrs
• Pro Design/Creative secrets
• Print Projects, Press preparation
• Logo Design secretes
• T-shirt Design secrets (You will learn unique technique of designing 100 T-shirt design options in a day)
• Easy freelance setup
• How to setup Small Design Agency
• Basics of UI/UX design

Mastering Photoshop Course

1 Month,  (22 Hrs Videos+projects)

• Basic image editing
• Advance Editing in Cam RAW
• Image management
• Tools Overview
• Tools - Expert methods
• Basic Layers
• Advance Layers
• Layer Style secrets
• Retouching Basics
• Video Editing

High End Professional Retouching

2 Weeks (10 Hrs)

• Basic Photoshop CC
• Color correction
• High Definition Retouching
• Skin Retoucing
• Frequency separation
• Adding Makeup Like a Pro
• Using 3rd party plugins overview
• Correcting shape of body and face


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Do not wait for courier for DVDs just download it instantly on your broadband. Original Mastering Photoshop is the first Indian tutorial to sell 1000s of DVDs worldwide for last 4 years. This version is recorded with Adobe Photoshop CC. No one will teach you Photoshop like Mastering Photoshop Course. हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध

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